Case Studies

Read about some of the cases we have dealt with in the past. At AFCS, our emphasis is not on advice but on providing a safe space where we can work with our clients so they are able to take a step back from their situation and evaluate what their issues are and how those issues are affecting them as individuals, a couple and (when relevant) as parents. In cases where communication has broken down amongst family members or the stress of daily life has led to issues being ignored, we provide a therapeutic environment where a degree of structure enables each individual to get the chance to speak and be heard by his/her partner, sibling, parent or relative. We do not prescribe a particular course of action but rather support our clients in whatever choices they make.

Case Studies: 

Client Testimonial: 

“I am a 41 year old single parent. I have two teenage daughters and I am registered disabled since 2006 when I had a hip replacement operation which went wrong. Ever since that time I have had a feeling that my employers had been looking for a reason to get rid of me and they found their perfect excuse that because of the recession they were cutting back on jobs. I was made redundant in July 2009 and got very depressed. I went to my GP, who referred me to the Asian Family Counselling Service. I had counselling for 6 sessions and I found that very helpful in dealing with my depression as well as helped me to make decisions in my everyday life and take care of my daughters. I had been worried that I might have to take anti-depressants to deal with the depression and am glad that I went for counselling instead. I was then referred to Twining in September. This organisation helped me to polish up my CV and coached me for interviews and helped me to apply for jobs. I have been to a few interviews so far and am hopeful of landing a job soon. I am able to manage my children better and feel good about my future.”